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General Enquiries & Support #

If you have any enquiries, questions or comments regarding anything from running tournaments, becoming an admin or how to run your tournaments please contact us here.

Optional: E-mail
Talk to us!

Marketing & Advertising #

BinaryBeast is always looking for new partners and sponsors. We welcome proposals from corporate companies, community websites, teams and event organizers. If you want information on what we do and how we can help please contact us.

Optional: E-mail
Ask us for more information!

Masterlink [Development] #

Linksey is the founder of BinaryBeast and does all the hard work behind the scenes. He is responsible for all the coding and software development. BinaryBeast really is quite a fitting name for him.

Optional: E-mail
Contact the awesomeness directly.

Chris 'Xephyr' Dunn-Birch [Design] #

Xephyr is the latest addition to the team and is the man responsible for the BinaryBeast design, taking into consideration the layout, general aesthetics and most importantly the user experience. If it looks nice, he probably made it.

Optional: E-mail
For all design related enquiries.

Jay 'Nemesis' Smith [Publicity] #

Nemesis is the guy who steals all the credit from linksey and makes motivational speaches and bad MSPaint schematics. He is also responsible for publicity, marketing and the general direction of BinaryBeast.

Optional: E-mail
For publicity enquiries.

Brad 'Shizaru' [Event Admin] #

Shizaru like Nemesis was here from the start and he helps with marketing, publicity and generally feeding ideas to Linksey. Again like Nemesis he enjoys stealing credit.

Optional: E-mail
For publicity enquiries.
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