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Tournament hosts: Managing a Tournament Creating a Tournament Elimination Single Double Cup (will comment it out until cup is finished. (I assume you’re going to make it because of the requests for it?)) Modifying tournament settings Replays Maps and format Maximum teams Custom Banners Stages Building Banning players Inserting players Editing players Allowing confirmation Confirmation A quick “what is confirmation?” I guess Active Launching the brackets Random seeding Manual seeding (Refer to freewin section, newbies mess it up) Managing brackets Reporting wins Removing wins Resetting brackets Using the “Advanced Values” Complete Nice job! You’ve successfully hosted a tournament! (?) Participants and players: Playing in a Touranment: Joining Leaving Confirming Your opponent Reporting wins Uploading replays How to win a tournament 1. Get skills 2. Profit The Brackets Team information Team name/display name Network name Match details Viewing Modes Full Compacted Expanded Toggling Names Downloading replays Embedding the brackets General Tournament information: Tournament formats Elimination brackets Single Double Cup Group stage Elimination rounds Currently unsupported formats Round Robin Swiss Understanding FreeWins What are they What causes them How are they seeded
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